Deviation Handling

Main Product
The deviation management module ensures increased transparency in your deviations, for example. to log user data and times for creation and subsequent discrepancy updates.

Furthermore, it is possible to achieve full traceability from a deviation and back through the production chain, and it is thus easy to identify e.g. Part number, batch number, department number, etc.

As documentation can be attached - e.g. images or other files.
E-mail may be autogenerated to the person intended to process or approve the deviation or corrective action. Including reminder service if the response is not answered.

Documentation and security benefits

The deviation module offers a number of features that will benefit in any food production, including

  • Print a stop note
  • Root cause analysis tool for deviation
  • Data transfer from quality controls to prevent incorrect deviation data
  • Generate reports, including statistics of discrepancy events, causes of discrepancy, etc.
  • Block out any divergent production or products so they cannot be passed on in production

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