Full Traceability

Traceability - Both customers and authorities demand traceability, as there is a growing demand to be able to trace their products from farm to table or from boat to table.

Accuratech offers fully documented traceability, where the individual items and ingredients can be traced back to at any given time and place in the process.

Over the years Accuratech has worked to ensure total traceability within the food industry and has tested many different principles of traceability.

SMS Full Traceability ensures that all products are registered digitally from the reception of the item to the shipment, stopping making large demands of the employees.

SMS Full Traceability can collect all kinds of traceable data in the company, and based on the collected digital production data, it only takes a few seconds to document full traceability, execute quantity calculations and find the relevant items in stock.

SMS Full Traceability can show the necessary information in real-time, and as historical data through SMS Office it can be presented in a customer-specific processes. By incorporating a traceability search, you save time, since the documentation can be shown/produced within a few seconds.

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