HACCP - Planning and Analysis

The HACCP module is your tool for establishing the company's structured and logical HACCP system.

The company's exact process flow charts showing all production processes are drawn in an intuitive way.

Several customization options allow the flowchart view to be executed in the best version for the company. For example, flow charts can be produced in several layers, where all the company's flow charts are based on the total production flow.

The Hazard analysis is an integral part and can be prepared in continuation of the process flow diagram, based on the individual process steps.

Logical guidance at all stages of the analysis will help identify and determine the critical control points in production as well as take the necessary control measures.

The HACCP plan is created automatically, based on process flow and Hazard analysis.

Planning - Get a better overview of your processes - and maintain them.

Accuratech's HACCP module enables self-regulation in a user-friendly and structured way - based on the HACCP principles.

An accurate overview of all production processes is important for the preparation of the company's hazard analysis, thereby identifying potential risks and critical points in production.

  • Establish your company's self-monitoring system, based on HACCP principles.
  • Design and maintain process flow charts
  • Create multi-level flow charts ("sub-factories")
  • Describe the workflow at each process step
  • Allows complete integration with the risk factor analysis

Analysis - Thorough and secure hedging of risks.

The module's hazard analysis guides you automatically and logically through all stages of the analysis and ensures that all relevant factors are included as well as necessary control measures and the associated monitoring procedures can be taken.

It is possible to perform the risk analysis directly from the specific process steps in the process flow diagram to place and manage the risk factors at the right place in the production.

  • Automatic guide through the hazard analysis
  • Fully integrable with flow charts
  • HACCP plan and control forms are generated automatically
  • User info is automatically logged at every change and addition
  • Versioning of control forms and concepts is updated automatically
  • The module includes automatic version checking and logging of user information when changes are made to the HACCP system.

When the HACCP system is provided and must be in operation

The system is specially designed with "control types" that allow control values and limits as well as descriptions to be reused at multiple locations in the production stream where the same type of control is to be performed.

The control types minimize and streamline the workflow of using the system itself.

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