Inventory Management

Inventory Management - SMS Inventory Management can handle inventory transactions in an unlimited number of departments or locations. The items are separated via unique identities (pallet numbers, box numbers etc.) or in summarized shared identities (product number, batch number etc.).

It is possible to place items on locations in multiple dimensions (departments, rows, shelves, racks and so on).

We additionally offer FIFO options (first in – first out) that ensure that the oldest products are used first, so that waste is reduced.

SMS Inventory Management shows current and historic inventory, just as it is possible to sort and filter a search. All inventory reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or Word and filtering conditions, date of processing, name of report and other important information is equally exported, so that you record which data you have exported.

By integrating SMS Quality Management, it is possible to block an item in stock and to isolate it, until it is decided whether the item should be released or discarded.SMS Inventory control can handle many forms of registration such as:

  • Manual reporting (touch screen)
  • Bar code (GS1, EAN etc.)
  • RFID
  • PDA/Tablet

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