Order Management

Order Management - SMS Order Management gives the company’s administration, leaders and employees a unique overview over production and order status, which can ensure timely delivery and prevent overproduction.

SMS Order Management at the same time remove’s paper from the production and allows for online order status via info screens.

With SMS Order Management, it is also possible to receive feedback on the production flow, which can be automatically transferred to the financial management system in real time, thus ensure an effective order flow for the company.

When integrated with the company’s financial system, the orders will only be created and maintained in one place. SMS Order Management can also notify the financial management system so that the orders are automatically closed once they have been completely delivered. This ensures an effective order flow, while reducing the potential errors in the order processing for the company.

SMS Order management supports the purchase, production, sale and return orders.

  • Purchase orders connect together information for the supplier of the respective delivery, with regards to traceability and use-by date, which makes a potential customer inquiry easier.
  • Production orders connect together the individual raw materials for a given order, making it possible to calculate the output per production order.
  • Sales orders connect together with the customer’s delivery, which provides good documentation to resolve a customer claim.

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