Quality Control

By using the quality control module, the quality work in production becomes alive.

With an intuitive look, the control forms that the operator has to fill in the production PCs and registration terminals are displayed - and only the relevant schedules are displayed on the relevant terminals.

If divergent quality occurs, the system requires corrective action to be taken to continue registration. In this way, a deviation cannot go unnoticed through your production flow.

Full control over the quality assurance of your production - easy, safe and logical

It is possible at any time to see in the system what checks have been made and at what time and by which employee. Also, what controls are still missing from being performed.

If the quality has been different and a corrective action has been taken, data can be transferred and a deviation created directly from the registration record.

  • Control forms are displayed and filled directly at the terminals in production - and only relevant schedules
  • Control charts are placed in fixed control frequencies at fixed intervals
  • If deviating quality occurs, registration can only be resumed after a correction
  • Updated versions of instructions, limit values, control parameters and other system changes are immediately available.
  • Possibility of user management so that only approved operators can make registrations and approval
  • All user data and times are logged automatically
  • Ability to easily generate statistics and performance reports for evaluation purposes

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