Quality Management

Quality Control - SMS Quality Control contains quality registrations, quality control including internal inspection, the handling of deviations, corrective actions and root cause.

The quality data are registered on touchscreens, handheld computers or tablets, reducing the need for paper, thus ensuring a faster and more effective internal control.

Depending on the customer's wishes and needs, quality registrations are gathered in summaries and reports that through SMS Office give a quick overview of the documentation and with it the internal inspection.

SMS Quality Control can be integrated with SMS Inventory- and Process Control, which provide the opportunity for preventing production before the quality control has been carried out.

All kinds of quality and process data can be registered and adapted, such as:-

  • Temperature measurement (the item, room etc.)
  • Cleaning Measurement
  • Parameter of the process equipment
  • Weight of the item / product
  • Result of visual control (form, size, colour etc.)
  • Result of spot test control

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