SMS Office

Shopfloor Management Suite (SMS) modules are easy to use as they have the same interface. The interface is named SMS Office.

SMS Office is used to manage the user interface and to present and edit all the many different Shopfloor Management Suite modules.

All information from the Shopfloor Management Suite modules, ERP systems and possible third parties systems is in one place, and the overall view and key figures can be presented in a report or a draft, so it's easy to make operational follow-up or follow the main key figures.

The following features are available in SMS Office:

  • Language selection
  • Viewing reports (information) in text or shown as graphics
  • Ability to interconnect and present all available information and data in the desired overview.
  • Viewing and editing of the files
  • Possible notification of changes
  • Ability to edit or view all production transactions (registrations)
  • Administration of all SMS module plugin (SMS Inventory Management, SMS Order Management, SMS Process, SMS Full Traceability, SMS Quality Management, etc.)

SMS Office module can be installed on all Windows platforms. It can be on office PCs or industrial PCs in production.

SMS Office ensures it is always easy to get access to the information and edit data, no matter where you are.

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