SMS Process

SMS Process can handle all the links of the production from the receipt, consumption and production of goods to the shipment of finished goods.

SMS Process can be adjusted to any need and  gives a unique overview of the entire production, including the efficiency on the production lines, yields, give-away, waste and other key figures including KPI's which helps make it possible to control the company more effectively.

It is possible to follow both key figures of the production and KPI's in real time and historically, depending on the needs of the company.

SMS Process supports all units of measurements, which includes raw materials, semi-finish products, spices, packaging and other consumer goods. All registration is done electronically with data control of the registrations, whereby making paper in the production superfluous.

SMS Process ensures registrations, which means  time savings will be achieved for the employees and in this way there will be a more effective utilization of the resources in production and in the company overall.

By integrating SMS Full Traceability, it is possible to automatically print relevant information about traceability, as well as to warn the operator not to mix the products with specific traceability.

By combining process data for example with available data from the production or ERP systems, it is possible to make key figures and KPI reports through which SMS Office give a quick overview of the productivity of the company.

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