Weight Sample Pro

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Accuratech’s Weight Sample Pro gives a smart, simple and user-friendly program to make multi-scale weighing. Weight Sample Pro can support up to four weight units and at the same time handle multi weighing, which mean that the program can receive weight data from several weight units at the same time.

The weighing process is digitized and automated which allows you to save, print, email and / or export the data from your weighing measurements.

Weight Sample Pro includes the following features:

  • Various weighing methods (load, unload, single, manually)
  • Supports up to 6 optional input fields (with or without fixed text)
  • Support up to 4 weight units
  • Supports different scale types (Marel, Digi, Precisa, Scanvaegt – and more)
  • Multi-scale weighing (can receive data from several weight units at the same time)
  • Editable window for settings of scale og input fields
  • Report with weighing measurements
  • Save and upload weight data
  • Save data as Excel, Word, PDF or XML
  • Dynamic graphic scaling up to 200%
  • Language – English, Danish with more to come

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