Accuratech have already implemented Shopfloor Management Suite and other customer-specific software solutions among the companies listed below. In addition to providing MES software solutions, we also offer consultancy within our specialties. If you have any questions about some of the projects, you are welcome to contact us for further details.

Find selected Case stories among the companies listed below.


St. Lihme, Denmark


Aars, Denmark
Farre, DenmarkRead case story

Danske Fiskeauktioner

Hvide Sande, Denmark
Thyborøn, Denmark

Den Stolte Hane

Jæren, Norway


Thisted, Denmark


Hasle Bornholm, Denmark

FF Skagen

Skagen, Denmark
Hanstholm, DenmarkRead case story

Hjarnø Havbrug

Snaptun, Denmark

Jeka Fish

Lemvig, Denmark


Valla, Sweden

Pandalus Hanstholm

Hanstholm, Denmark

Rokkedahl Kylling

Nibe, Denmark

Royal Greenland

Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Cuxhaven, Germany

Thise Mejeri

Thise, Denmark

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Helsingør, Denmark

Varde Laks

Varde, Denmark

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